Friday, April 25, 2014

MENA MINING - 2014 Update

Three years ago in my Blog that relates to Mining, I have published a series of posts regarding mining in the Middle East. This was and effort before my presentation at the MENA MINING CONGRESS 2011 in Dubai, where I made a report: Investment Attraction of MENA Mining.  Over these years I have deleted the posts, but somehow I was still getting some responses – so, I decided to restore the. And here there are:

 Despite all these are three years old already, I think that still have some good information that may be used by scholars and businessmen. Today I have surfed the Internet and I have found some interesting materials that may be add-on to my previous research work. Here they are….
Generally speaking, all these years MENA economy was feeling rather well, you may judge from this graph:

I recommend downloading and studying this document: MENA ASSET MANAGEMENT BAROMETER. No. 1 / April 2013. An annual market survey report conducted on behalf of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority. This is a very detailed description of the current situation in all GCC countries with many factual data. 

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