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African Mining: Tanzania


African Mining: Tanzania

Location:   Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean,  between Kenya & Mozambique
Area:   945,087 km2
Border countries:   Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia
Population:   40.2 M
Capital:   Dodoma (legislative capital), Dar es Salaam
Time Difference:   GMT +2 (Jakarta -4)
President:   Jakata Kikwete
Major infectious diseases: degree of risk: very high;
food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis Aand typhoid fever
Vectorborne diseases :             malaria and plague
Water contact disease:             schistosomiasis

 Natural resources:   tin, phosphates, iron ore, coal, diamonds, gemstonesgold, natural gas, nickel
Official languages:  Swahili, English
Industries:  agricultural processing (sugar, beer, cigarettes, sisal twine);
  diamond, gold, and iron mining, salt, soda ash; cement,
  oil refining, shoes, apparel, wood products, fertilizer
Export Commodities:   gold, coffee, cashews nuts, manufacturers, cotton
Export Partners:   China, India, Netherlands, Japan, UAE, Germany
Import Commodities:   consumer goods, machinery & transportation equipment,
  industrial raw materials
Import Partners:   South Africa, China, Kenya, India, UAE, Zambia
Exchange Rate:   1 dollar (USD) = 1,255 Tanzanian shillings (TZS)
Scope:Mining makes up about 50% of country’s annual earning. Large scale mining employs about 8,400 people;   small scale (artisan) 20,000.
Investment climate: 
• A globally competitive tax and regulatory regime for mining investors
 • Accelerated and simplified handling of investment proposals
 • Guaranteed access to foreign exchange for repatriation of profits
 • Investors are protected against nationalization
 • Property guarantees under Multilateral investment Guarantee Agency
Mining Tax:3% royalty to government; 30% corporate tax after the mining company becomes profitable. Offset   equipment and machinery costs against earnings
Major mining companies:   AngloGold Ashanti, De Beers, RandGold, Barrick Gold, Resolute Mining

Coal: substantial resources of low sulphur coal, but currently on small scale exploitation. Major coal deposits are located in the Lake Nyasa and Karoo Super Group. 
Iron Ore: several settings of deposits — North of Ruhuhu River.
Base Metals: most notable — copper and lead. Zinc — never produced in country.

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