Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mining M&A: Want to Sell a Mining Property?


Mining M&A: Want to Sell a Mining Property?

This new 2010 year sees a lot of optimistic forecasts for mining M&A. On January 11 Reuters reports: “new sources of financing are opening up as banks slowly return to the lending game and commodity-hungry China opens its coffers to partners, providing plenty of incentive for larger players to feed on smaller developers.” That means that we will see a lot of activities in this M&A sector, where our planned effort BuySellMines fits nicely. We are not talking about big market players (though, in certain cases they also may look at us), rather we focus on medium-sized and small companies that do not have big financial resources to spend on transactions and in some cases may have good natural resources assets to sell. So – we are  commencing a new worldwide Project: BuySellMines,  that would build a new dimension to the Global Mining Community: a marketplace to look for, acquire or sell mining assets, including, but not limited to mines, mining prospects, mining real estate, mining exploration prospects, mining tenements, and other mining properties. While we are working on structure and design of our Web-portal, in the following Blog posts we want to provide some guidance regarding the Buy & Sell Process in mining.
First, let us look what the Web provides. Our research that was made in December 2009 shows this summary:
 Thus, not so much going on —  there are 7 portals that provide Buy&Sell services to miners. The table is ranked by valuations that are made by calculated site-cost ( and traffic ( Of course, some people may argue about site valuations – and there ARE lots of way to do this – but in our case this serves the purpose – to compare. However, ALEXA data show not big traffic volume. Obviously, occasionally we may find some information on mining trading sites (like – but this not relevant in terms of numbers and quality.
In our follow-up post we will provide some practical tips and guidance on how to plan you mining asset for sale.

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